To start using the Experty app on your web browser you need to create an account.

To create an account follow these steps:

1. Go to the Experty: https://contact.experty.io/
2. Click: Login for Experts
3. Click the button: Create account
4A. Fill up the form to request approval as an Expert

  • Approved Experts will receive a link and a verification code within a week
  • If you don't receive approval that means you have been declined
  • If you have already received approval go to 4B

4B. Click the link and paste the code which you have already received from us to login
5. Fill out the form and read and agree to the terms of use
6. Create a keystore password to encrypt your keystore file
7. Download the keystore file
8. Save your seed phrase
9. Set up your profile

To set up your profile read this solution: 
How do I set up my profile?

If you didn't find answer to your question in our FAQ, feel free to ask. 

CLICK HERE to submit a ticket.

Have a great day!

Experty Team