To start using the Experty app on your mobile device you need to create an account.

To create an account follow these steps:
1. Download the Experty app from the 
Google Play store / App store
2. Click the button: I want to be an Expert
3. Click the button: Create account
4A. Fill out the form to request approval as an Expert

  • Approved Experts will receive a link and a verification code via mail within a week
  • If you don't receive approval that means you have been declined
  • If you have already received the approval go to 4B

4B. Paste the verification code which you have received
5. Click: Next
6. Read the short tutorial intro
7. Back up your wallet

To find out how to back up your wallet read this solution: How do I back up access to my wallet?
To to set up your profile read this solution: How do I set up or edit my profile?

If you didn't find answer to your question in our FAQ, feel free to ask. 

CLICK HERE to submit a ticket.

Have a great day!

Experty Team